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A beautiful, medium Black Moonstone tumblestone, measures between 20- 30mm.  Responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with Pure Energy Healing and Reiki at Grand Master level.  The tumblestone comes with a crystal information card.  As with all natural stones colour tones, patterns and inclusions within the crystal will vary as each crystal is unique and no two are alike.  


Black Moonstone is a wonderful crystal to work with to create new beginnings and rebirth.  It reminds us that, just like the moon, life has its cycles of endings and new beginnings, and it helps you to see these opportunities and new starts in a positive light.  Black Moonstone enhances intuition and psychic abilities as well as helping you to release any toxic emotions that are holding you back from moving forward.

Black Moonstone Tumblestone

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