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A beautiful, medium Chalcopyrite tumblestone, measures between 20- 30mm.  Responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with Pure Energy Healing and Reiki at Grand Master level.  The tumblestone comes with a crystal information card.  As with all natural stones colour tones, patterns and inclusions within the crystal will vary as each crystal is unique and no two are alike.  


Chalcopyrite (also known as Peacock Ore) is known as the Stone of the Mystic is an incredibly high vibration stone.  It opens the Crown chakra, strengthening psychic vision, intuition and abilities.  It helps us to find what is hidden or missing, or what the cannot see in a situation.


A very grounding and stabilising stone, Chalcopyrite helps you to remain balanced when there are so many things going on around you.


Chalcopyrite is very protective during any type off healing work, reflecting negative energy and creating a safe space in which to carry out the work.  It is an excellent stone to aid in past life work helping you to link in with previous incarnations and release and free any spiritual patterns that are stuck or outdated. 

Chalcopyrite Tumblestone

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