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These Elite Shungite pieces are responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with Reiki at Grand Master level.


Each pack contains approximately 10g of Elite Shungite stones each measuring up to  10mm. The photos shows roughly how many crystals are in 10g but sizes, shapes and quantities will vary from pack to pack.


Shungite is a very special healing stone only found in one location in Northwest Russia. Scientists believe it is over 2 billion years old and possibly one of the only known minerals on earth to contain fullerenes, or molecules composed almost entirely of carbon. Shungite has been used since the 18th century to purify water. It is believed that Shungite’s carbon make up enables it to work as a purifier. Adding a piece of clean, tumbled Shungite to water is a safe gem elixir. Shungite also has the amazing ability to serve as an electromagnetic and geothermal energy conductor while simultaneously shielding the body by absorbing electromagnetic smog caused by microwaves, computers and Wi-Fi. A highly grounding and protective stone, Shungite’s powerful vibration can be felt almost instantly throughout the body as it radiates within removing toxicity, negativity and emotionally draining energy that is causing dis-ease.  

Elite Shungite

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