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A beautiful, large Hematite tumblestone,  measures between 30- 40mm.  Responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with Pure Energy Healing and Reiki at Grand Master level.  The tumblestone comes with a crystal information card.  As with all natural stones colour tones, patterns and inclusions within the crystal will vary as each crystal is unique and no two are alike.  


Hematite is an incredibly grounding stone, connecting is with Mother Earth and anchoring our energy to her.  It is an effective balancing stone working on the meridians of our body to balance our energy and emotions, keeping us grounded and clear minded.


Hematite is a very effecting protective stone, repelling negative energy and helping us to keep our concentration and focus on the task at hand.


It has a very calming energy and is a wonderful stone to work with to ground any hectic or chaotic situations that you find yourself experiencing, returning us to a harmonious state, boosting our self confidence, self esteem, and willpower, and enabling us to create healthy boundaries in our lives.  

Hematite Large Tumblestone

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