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Crystal energy is a wonderful way to raise the vibration of any room, and a great alternative to smudging for those who don't like the smell of smoke.


These high vibration, responsibly sourced crystals  sets includes the beautiful energies of Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Selenite, which each work to cleanse, clear and protect the energy of the environment they are placed in. The information guide included with the crystals walks you through how to work with these crystals to cleanse clear and protect any room in your home with the high vibrational energy of crystals, removing any negative, stuck or stagnant energy, bringing lighter high vibrational energy in, and protecting the space to keep it clear.


The set includes:

 - 4 x Quartz

- 1 x Amethyst

- 1 x Black Tourmaline

- 1 x Selenite raw wand

- Ethically Sourced

- Fully Energetically Cleansed

- Fully Energetically Charged

- Infused with Pure Energy Healing and Reiki

- Guide to clearing & cleansing your home with crystals

- Crystal information card


Each crystal tumblestone measures approx 30-40mm.  The shape and colour tone/pattern of individual crystals may vary as they are a natural stone and no two crystals are the same. 


Each set comes with a guide to clearing with crystals and the crystals are fully energetically cleansed, charged infused with pure healing energy and Reiki by a Pure Enrgy Healer and Reiki Grand Master.

Home Blessing Crystal Healing Set

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