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A beautiful, medium Kambaba Jasper tumblestone, measures between 20- 30mm.  Responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with Pure Energy Healing and Reiki at Grand Master level.  The tumblestone comes with a crystal information card.  As with all natural stones colour tones, patterns and inclusions within the crystal will vary as each crystal is unique and no two are alike.  


Kambaba Jasper (often mistaken for Stromatolite but is actually a rhyolite stone) has a calm, stable, nurturing energy, like that of a wise elder or grandparent.  It aligns you with ancestral wisdom and helps you to see and understand the bigger picture of your life and its successes and challenges.


It activates and opens your heart centre, dissolving any negative energy and allowing energy to flow freely.  During difficult times or challenges Kambaba Jasper will help to keep you grounded and able to face any difficulties from a place of calm serenity.

Kambaba Jasper Tumblestone

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