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This beautiful Malachite slice measures approximately 53mm x 45mm x 5mm, and is responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with pure healing energy and Reiki at Grand Master level. 


Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral with beautiful bands of shades of green.


It is a very high vibration, powerful stone which can amplify both our positive and negative emotions, allowing us to see what is blocking our spiritual growth and truly examine our own behaviours and patterns. Helping us to release those behaviours which are out dated or no longer serving our highest good.


It is a protective stone, absorbing negative energies.  It opens and aligns our chakras and links in particular to the heart chakra and the throat chakra.


Malachite helps us to take responsibility for our worlds, actions and thoughts as well as developing empathy for others.


It enables us to release old traumas and negative experiences, bringing abundance to the heart and opening us to positive changes.


Its energy is as beautiful as the stone itself.

Malachite 2

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