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A beautiful, Master Shamanite tumblestone,  measures between 15 - 20mm.  


Master Shamanite is a powerful cleansing and purification stone, removing negative energy and clearing the auric field.  Master Shamanite helps to clear limitations from the physical and emotional bodies and clears the way for healing.  It is an excellent stone for meditating with as it has a strong vibration with a powerful energy for psychic protection, and can be worked with for inner journeying. 


Responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed, charged and infused with Pure Energy Healing and Reiki at Grand Master level.  The tumblestone comes with a crystal information card.  As with all natural stones colour tones, patterns and inclusions within the crystal will vary as each crystal is unique and no two are alike.  

Master Shamanite Tumblestone

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