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These high vibration, responsibly sourced crystals have been selected for their individual energies and their harmonised energy to help you in calming your mind for meditation, deepening meditation, and strengthening your connection to your Higher Self and guides during meditation.


The set includes the beautiful crystals of Selenite, Smoky Quartz, Tree Agate and Master Shamanite, which which each have powerful energies individually but which also harmonise together to help suppport and deppen your meditation practice.


Each crystal tumblestone measures approx 20-30mm.  The shape and colour tone/pattern of individual crystals may vary as they are a natural stone and no two crystals are the same. 


Each set comes with an affirmation card and the crystals are fully energetically cleansed, charged infused with Reiki at Master level, and ready to use.

Meditation Crystal Healing Set

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