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Indigo Soul Star

Hello, I'm Sam, a Pure Energy Healer, Metatron Colour Healer, Crystal Healer,  and Reiki Grand Master.  I have been working with crystals and their amazing energies for over 10 years and created

Indigo Soul Star Crystal Healing to share my life long love and passion for crystals and their incredible energies, and to teach people how to work with them in their everyday lives.

Crystals are so much more than just pretty rocks and have so much to teach us and show us. They are a natural healing gift from the Earth and each has its own beautiful energy and wisdom which can help us to heal and grow in so many ways.

I select all the crystals I sell for their specific healing energy and vibration, and have spent time with every crystal pouring pure healing energy and Reiki into it making it a truly powerful healing tool for mind, body and spirit.


I also created a range of tried and tested crystal grid sets and crystal healing sets through my experience of working with crystals and learning which crystals and combination of crystals help the most with different challenges we face along our life journey.  

Every crystal I work with and sell has been responsibly sourced, fully energetically cleansed and charged, and infused with Reiki and healing energy.  I also run courses to help you learn how to work with your crystals and their energy


I absolutely love crystals and am so excited to share these beautiful crystal healing energies with you.   

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