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What Makes Our Crystals Different?

Crystals are a natural healing gift from the Earth and each has its own beautiful energy and wisdom which can help us to heal and grow in so many ways.  

All of our crystals, whether individual healing stones, part of our crystal grid kits, necklaces or in our crystal healing intention sets, are all responsibly sourced (something very important to us), and fully energetically cleansed and charged.  But the thing that makes these crystals truly powerful healing tools is that very single one of them is given and infused with pure healing energy and Reiki (by a Pure Energy Healer & Reiki Grand Master).  They hold the memory of these healing frequencies so that whenever you hold or work with your crystal, you are receiving not just that crystals healing frequencies, but also pure energy and Reiki healing frequencies as well.  They are incredible healing crystals and we can't wait to share these beautiful crystal healing energies with you.   

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